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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why can’t I use RideFACT instead of other available transportation services?

A: RideFACT is intended for individuals who have no other means of transportation. If an existing transportation service can accommodate your travel then we help you with using that service. If other services are not appropriate for you, you may qualify for RideFACT.

Q: Will RideFACT transport outside San Diego County?

A: RideFACT services all Cities in San Diego County as well as Ramona and Spring Valley.

Q: Can others travel with me on RideFACT? And will they be required to pay a fare?

A: One or more companions may ride with you on a space available basis. Companions pay the same fare as the rider.  The number of riders must be provided at the time you make a reservation. A Personal Care Attendant (PCA) may travel with you free of charge. A PCA is someone who assists you with your travel.

Q: Can I schedule RideFACT trips with the driver or agency associated with the driver?

A: We request that you contact a FACT representative to make a reservation.

Q: How much will my RideFACT trip cost and how do I pay the fare?

A: The fare will depend on the distance traveled. The FACT representative scheduling your trip will inform you about the fare. Please pay the fare to the driver for each one-way trip. RideFACT accepts cash fare only.

One –Way Trip LengthFare $
0 – 5.0       Miles$2.50
5.1 – 10     Miles$4.00
10.1 – 20   Miles$5.00
20.1 +        Miles$10.00




Q: How do I know if my ride is booked?

A: If we are not able to find you a ride then a FACT representative will contact you.

Q: Can I call the driver when I am ready to be picked up?

A: Since the drivers arrive on time, it is not necessary to call when you are ready. Please call FACT  if your driver is 15 minutes late.

Q: Can the driver assist me with getting in and out of my home or location facility?

A: The driver will meet you at the door if a request was made during the reservation. Drivers do not enter the rider’s home or facility location.

Q: How do I cancel or reschedule a trip for a different time or day?

A: Please call FACT and a representative can cancel the trip for you. If you are calling after hours, please leave a message to cancel the trip, and provide the riders full name and date and time of trip.  In order to make a change you may need to cancel the original trip. FACT will try to accommodate changes where feasible.